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Epiphany 4 C (January 31): Ministers of God

Bible Readings: Jeremiah 1:4-10, Psalm 71: 1-6, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Luke 4:21-30

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Kids' Story: Flat or ....?
Tell the story of the Jeremiah reading using a balloon - first he was flat: too young, no confidence, didn't have the words etc; then when God reassured him he was like an inflated balloon: full of life and energy, confident.

Discussion Questions for the Jeremiah reading:
What are Jeremiah's two excuses for not being God's messenger?
What is God's response to these excuses?

Film Clip: Cocoon

Cocoon (pictured at right) is a film about some elderly people who feel as if they are being treated like the living dead but who discover that they still have lives to live and something to offer. There are plenty of scenes which relate to the psalmist who is an old man who knows that he still has something to say and to offer and a way to say it.

Drama: Home Town Sermon
Found in Present on Earth by Wild Goose Resource Group, Wild Goose Publications, 2002, ISBN 0901557642, page 189 (pictured at left). This is based on the Luke reading.

Story: Seeing Things from God's Perspective
Index No 1629-1631 in Bible Illustrator for Windows 1.0d, Parson's Technology Inc., 1990
Quote: Unknown

"I intend to stay alive for the whole of my life."

Quote: By a British Politician

"When we assumed office four years ago we stood on the edge of the precipice. Since then, we have taken a giant leap forward". As quoted by Prime Minister Tony Blair during a White House Toast on 5th February 1998 (I think).

Quote: Martin Luther King Jnr.
"When I speak of love, I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response, I am speaking of that force which is ... the supreme unifying principle of life".

Discussion and/or Questions to Ponder:

What encouragement is there is this/these readings for us?
What warning is there in this/these readings for us?
What is God asking you to do and what excuses are you using?

Response Activity:
Ask all the ministers present to stand up - it should, of course, be everyone!


Meditation: Old Age
Found in Meditations from the Iona Community by Ian Reid, Wild Goose Publications, Trowbridge, 1998, ISBN 1901557022, page 81. This goes well with the Psalm.

Taize Service: Loving With Your Life
Found in Worship Feast by Taize, Abingdon Press, 2004, page 8. This is based on the Corinthians reading.

Taize Service: Prophetic voices
Found in Worship Feast by Taize, Abingdon Press, 2004, page 42. This is based on the Jeremiah reading.

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