Sunday, February 05, 2017

Epiphany 6 A ((February 12): Heart stuff

Bible Readings: Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Psalm 119:1-8, 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, Mathew 5:21-37

About the Images:
Upper Left: This is my image of Sturt desert Peas which grow in Central Australia. I also used this image for part of the poem The Law of Christ (see below). Please feel free to use this image for worship and related activities.
Upper Right: This is my image of Mt Sinai in Egypt with a piece of text from the poem The Law of Christ (see below). Please feel free to us this image for worship and related activities.
Lower Left: This is a free image from Heartlight - see my link column at left

Lower Right:

Film Clip: Tangled
(pictured at left) This is a great little clip for use with the gospel reading - particularly the part about anger and reconciliation. For this purpose it works best if you stop it at the bells and leave out the last kick - or talk specifically about that last kick in the light of what Jesus says about going to those who have/feel something against you.

Drama: What should I Do?
Found in Let's Make Another Scene by Verena Johnson, Open Book Publishers, 1995, ISBN 0859107620, page 26 (pictured at right). This drama is based on the Deuteronomy reading.

Drama: The Clean-Up
Found in Creative Worship Ideas by Lois Keffer, Group, 1993, ISBN 1559450991, page 55 (pictured at left). This drama is based on the gospel reading.

Story: Great Babies

Found in More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks by Wayne Rice, Zondervan, 1995, ISBN 0310207681, page 79 (pictured at right). This story is based on the Corinthians reading.

Story: Who Could Be More Important than the President?
Found in Illustrations, Stories and Quotes to Hang Your Message On by Jim Burns and Greg McKinnon, Gospel Light, 1997, ISBN 0830718834, page 177 (pictured at left). This story links in well with the gospel reading.

Story: Divorce by Instant Text Messaging
Found in Incredible Illustrations by Mikal Keefer, Group Publishing, 2004, ISBN 0764426141, page 47 (pictured at right). This news article is linked with the gospel reading - please do not use it as an excuse to show up any other religion - the point of the illustration should be to show how flimsy and undervalued are many of our relationships - marriage or otherwise - whoever we are and wherever we come from.

Poem: The Law of Christ
Found in The Electric Bible by Peter Dainty, Kevin Mayhew, 2003, ISBN 1844170411, page 85 (pictured at left). This poem is based on the gospel reading. I put the words with images and used the following backing music:

Backing: Raver
By Burial on the album Untrue (pictured at right).

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