Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 5 A (May 14): We All Have a Part to Play/The journey

Bible readings: Acts 7:55-60, Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16, 1 Peter 2:2-10, John 14:1-14

About the Images:
Upper Left: Castellers: A free image from wikimedia commons, this is a pho
to of human tower (castall) traditionally built during festivals in many places in Catalonia in Spain. Besides the people who actually climb, many are also needed to form the the base of the castell. They help sustain the weight and act as a sort of safety net.
Upper Right: This is a microsoft free clip art with my text.
Lower Left: Another Microsoft free clipart
Lower Right: A good image for when we are thinking about the journey.  I gfound this in the Bing copyright free images.

Listening Song: What You Need
by Audio Adrenaline on their self titled album (pictured at left). This song fits with all the readings however I used it with the 1 Peter reading because it applied to it so well.

Introduction Activity: For the 1 Peter reading
Before the service, give everybody a piece of Leggo as they arrive at church. Just before the reading ask everyone to build something really interesting by themselves with their piece of Leggo. When it is obvious that it cannot be done, ask people to work together in groups. You can do the same thing by giving everyone a piece of a jigsaw puzzle however this works better with smaller congregations because if you have a large congregation you will need a big puzzle and it might take the whole service to complete it!!!!

Film Clip: I Am Sam
(pictured at right) Show the clip where Sam and his frie
nds buy Lucy a pair of new shoes for her to go to school in.

Discussion: I Am Sam

How can this film clip be a picture of the church?
Can we all contribu
te to the church (think beyond money)?
What do you see as your role?

 Drama: Well I Declare
Found in Let's Make A Scene Too by Verena Johnson, Lutheran Publishing House, 1991, ISBN 085910608X, page 51 (pictured at left). This drama is based on the 1 Peter reading.

Story: Trying To Do the Job Alone
Found in Illustrations, Stories and Quotes to Hang Your Message On by Jim Burns and Greg McKinnon, Gospel Light, 1997, ISBN 0830718834, page 173 (pictured at right). This very funny story, although well known, fits in well with the 1 Peter reading and is always enjoyed.

Story: High Voltage
Found in Could Someone Wake Me Up Before I Drool On The Desk by Kevin Johnson, Bethany House Publishers, 1995, ISBN 1556614160, pp. 83 (pictured at left). This story is based on the 1 Peter reading.

Meditation: God's Own People
Found in He Was in the World by John L. Bell, Wild Goose Publications, 1995, ISBN 094798870X, page 97 (pictured at right)
. This meditation goes with the 1 Peter reading.

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