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Proper 7 A (June 25): Deserts and Wells/ Fear Not

Bible Readings: Genesis 21:8-21, Psalm 86:1-10, Romans 6:1b -11, Matthew 10: 24-39.

About the Images:
Upper Left: This is my photo with words from The Little Prince (see below). Please feel free to use this image for worship and related activities.
Upper right: This is an Imagebank image (see my links column at left) with words from The Little Prince.
Lower Left: This is a microsoft free clipart background with my text.
Lower Right: This is a free heartlight image - see my link column at left

Listening Song: God is In Control
By Twila Paris on her album, Beyond a Dream  (pictured at left) or on WOW 1996. This song goes very well with the Genesis reading.

Listening Song: You're Here
By Sixpence None the Richer on the album, City on a Hill, 2000 (pictured at right). This song goes very well with either the Genesis reading or the Gospel reading.

Kid's Story: The Very Worried Sparrow
By Meryl Doney, Anzea Publishers or Lion Publishing, 1978, ISBN 858920948 (pictured at left). This story is based on the Gospel reading.

Film Clip: The Incredibles
(pictured at right) Show the scene contained in the first 15 minutes where Mr Incredible is blamed for doing good. This fits in very well with the Gospel reading.

Discussion: On The Incredibles
1. When was Jesus treated in a similar way?
2. When were the disciples treated in a similar way?
3. When do we, as Christians, have to put up with similar treatment and what can/should we do about it?

Story: Names or Numbers

Marvin Rosenthal  tells about a mother who was asked by a census taker how may children she had. She said, "Well, there's Billy and Harry and Martha and--" "Never mind the names," the man interrupted. "Just give me the number!" The mother indignantly replied, "They haven't got numbers, they've all got names." Sorry, can't source this other than I think it may come from a magazine.

Story: Bonhoeffer
The story of Bonoeffer's imprisonment and death fits very well with the cost of discipleship mentioned in the gospel.

Quote: The Little Prince
(pictured at left but there are so, so many editions of this wonderful little book that you will have not trouble finding it) "What makes the desert beautiful", said the Little Prince, is that somewhere it hides a well..." .... The Little Prince added: "But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart".

Brainstorm desert experiences and wells.
How do we find wells in our desert experiences?

Poem: The Candle
Found in The Electric Bible by Peter Dainty, Kevin Mayhew, 2003, ISBN 1844170441, page 78 (pictured at right).  The poem goes really well with the gospel reading.  I matched it with images and backed it with Dark Night of the Soul by Loreena McKennitt on her CD, Mask and Mirror.

Response Activity:
Give each person a small card with a desert and a well pictured on it. Ask people to write down a situation that can make their life a bit of a desert on the desert picture and then on the picture of the well, ask them to write something God has provided to help them survive. This links in with the Genesis reading.

Response Activity:
Give everyone a key tag and a choice of three pictures which you have pre-made to fit the key tags - I linked this with the Matthew reading so I had pictures of hair, candles and sparrows.  On the back I encouraged people to to write: God cares for me. I encouraged people to attach these to personal items so as to remind themselves of God’s love and care.  I got the key tag idea for this from a children's activity in the Mediacom Whole people of God Beginners notes for 2002.  


Poem/Meditation: Songlines for Sarah and Hagar
By Ruth Burgess in Dandelions and Thistles: Biblical Meditations from the Iona Community by Jan Sutch Pickard (ed.) Wild Goose Publications, 1999, ISBN 1901557146, page 24 (pictured at left). This goes well with the Genesis reading.

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