Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Epiphany 7 and 8 B: Saying Yes to God

Bible readings:Isaiah 43:18-25, Mark 2:1-12

Kid's Story:The Lame Man Who Walked Again

by Mary Warren and Betty Wind, Arch Books, 1966 (pictured at right)

Drama:The Day The Roof Fell In
by Rosemary Broadstock and Ann Scull. This drama (probably more a voice reading than a drama) takes the place of a sermon. You will need 4 readers, Chorus No 390 in Scripture in Song: Open Our Eyes Lord, and overheads or data projection slides of Isaiah 43:18-19 and a number of images. The drama itself is available upon request via email (see my profile for my address).

Listening Song: Flowing Over Me
by Derri Daugherty on Flap Your Wings,Resolve Records,2000 (pictured at left)


Epiphany 8B

Poem/Meditation: Follow Me
By Ruth Burgess in Dandelions and Thistles: Biblical Meditations from the Iona Community by Jan Sutch Pickard (ed.) Wild Goose Publications, 1999, ISBN 1901557146, page 47 (pictured at left). This goes well with the Mark reading for Epiphany 8B.

Kids: The Magic Saddle
By Christobel Mattingly and Patricia Mullins with lots of ideas for a whole worship service found in Worship is For Everyone by Julie Pinazza, Openbook Publishers, 2000, ISBN 0859109259, page 2. This goes well with the Psalm.