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Easter day C (April 4): Easter dreaming

Readings: Isaiah 65:17-25, Psalm 118, Luke 24:1-12

About the Images
Lower: Buds shoot from the bark (epicormic shoots) of eucalyptus (more commonly known as gum) tree devastated and defoliated by bush fires in the Australian High country. For more info on this area visit
Upper:The beach at dawn where we hold our dawn service. For more info on this area visit

Some Particularly Useful Stuff for a Dawn/Sunrise Service


Have this service near a lake or beach if possible - if you live inland, then choose a high point - if you live inland on a plain then find a nice river -if you live inland on a plain in a desert (most of Australia) then you will have plenty of beautiful places to choose from.

Call to Worship or.....:When The Inevitable is no Longer Sure
Found at These words could be used in all sorts of ways. This site can also be found in my links (above left) and is well worth a look. Cheryl Lawrie regularly blogs and her writing s excellent, relevant and creative.

Easter candle:
Have a camp fire or a fire pot instead.

Prayer: Jesus We Great You
Found in Stages on the Way by The Wild Goose Worship Group, Wild Goose Publications, 1998, ISBN 1876357363, page 188 (pictured in an earlier blog)

Prayer: Lord God, Early in the Morning
Found in Stages on the Way as above, page 184 (pictured in an earlier blog)

Meditation: Prayers That Jesus Hears
Found in Present on Earth
by The Wild Goose Worship Group, Wild Goose Publications, 20028, ISBN 0901557642, page 95 (pictured in an earlier blog)

Meditation: I Have Seen Jesus
Found in Mucky Paws Volume 4 or in the April 2007 Mucky Paws archives (see my link above left - Rodddy Hamilton writes excellent stuff)

Response Activity
Cook fish and middle eastern bread over an open fire or on a plough disc. A great pita bread recipe can be found at

Easter Services at a More Reasonable Hour

Call to Wo
Silence. Then play Anthem Part 3 from the album, powaqqatsi, (1988) (pictured at left) while showing six 20 second Good Friday images. When the music reaches the fanfare, show an Easter Day image. Then fade the music enough so that a reader can read Isaiah 65:17-25.

Call to Worship: King of Glory

Play King of Glory by Third Day found on their album, Carry Me Hom
e (pictured at right) or on WOW 2001. For each verse, show an image of the crucifixion and for each chorus show an image of the resurrection. Show a resurrection image for the last verse and then as the choir on the CD begins to back the Third Day singer, fade the music and have somebody read Psalm.

Call to Worship: Change
Found in Mucky Paws Volume 4 or in the April 2007 Mucky Paws archives (see my link above left)

Call to Worship Activity:
If you had an old wooden cross in the church for Good Friday, give everybody a streamer or coloured ribbon as they enter and ask them to decorate the cross before sitting down.

Kids: Butterflies and Flowers
Tell the Easter story using the cocoon and butterfly, seed and flower analogies. Have a dead branch at the front of the church and either have them make paper flowers or butterflies to decorate the branch with. This works very well as a congregational activity. Alternately have the kids give everyone in the congregation a tiny butterfly or flower sticker - people really run with this and wear them immediately putting them on lapels, collars, watch faces, spectacle frames etc etc.

Drama: What's Easter All About:
Found in Mega Drama 3 by Verena Johnson (Ed.), Open Book, 2002, ISBN 0859109178, page 87 (pictured in an earlier blog)

Video Clip: Fantasia 2000
(pictured almost - it's not 2000 - at right) The segment in the Firebird Suite after the fire when everything greens up.

Discussion: Fantasia
How does Easter bring new life to the world?

Story: Stephen's Egg
Found in More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks by Wayne Rice, Zondervan, 1995, ISBN 0310207681, page 159 (pictured in an earlier blog).

Story: Nikolai Church and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
This story can be found often and easily by googling.

Story: Easter
Found in Your Point Being? by Graham H. Twelftree, Monarch Books, 2003, ISBN 1854245929, page 51 (pictured in an earlier blog).

Listening Song: Early in the Morning
By David Meece on his album, Once in a Lifetime.

Listening Song:Libera
By Robert Prizeman on his album, Libera.

Prayer: Yes/No
Found in the 21st March 2008 Mucky Paws archives (see my link above left)

Pass the Peace:
Give every one a balloon to blow up. Toss them, catch a new one and pass the peace using Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Response Activity:
In groups or individually get people to name their easter dreams for the world, for their church, for themselves and to use these as starters for a prayer time.

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Hi! Thanks for these ideas! I just wanted to point out that The Firebird Suite is in Fantasia 2000 rather than the original Fantasia - but you're right, it's a great clip!!