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Christ the King B (November 22): Who's in charge?

Bible readings: 2 Samuel 23:1-7, Psalm 132: 1-12 (13-18), Revelation 1:4-8, John 18:33-37

About the Images:
Upper: Microsoft free clipart with my text
Lower: Photos of sunsets and sunrises always remind me of the power and reign of God - they are so big and awe inspiring and beautiful. They lift me up but also remind me of my insignificance - a bit like looking at the stars at night. I took this photo out the front of our place VERY early one morning. It is a part of Duck Arm (taken from Banksia Peninsula) in the Gippsland Lakes near Paynesville in Australia - Google any of those place names or look them up on Wikapedia if you are interested in this little bit of the world.

Film Clip: Chariots of Fire
Show the clip in the fil (pictured at left) where Eric Liddell talks with the Prince of Wales en route to the Olympic Games. Eric had a God space in his week that he was not prepared to give up. His allegiance to Jesus and his heavenly kingdom wwas more important than his allegiance to King and country.

Discussion Questions:
What are Eric's top priorities?
Who or what do we give our allegiance to?

Story: The Kingdom of God
Story No 363 in 750 Engaging illustrations by Craig Brian Larson and Leadership Journal, Baker books, 2002, ISBN 0801091551 (pictured at right)

Sermon Help Notes and Response Activity: Revelation by Song
Can't remember where I got this idea from - maybe out of my head but I am not sure - please let me know via email if you can source it for me.
NB Homiletics, November 23, 1997 has been suggested (see comments below) . Thankyou
Give everyone a strip of paper with the words of Revelation I:8 printed across it. Under these words, print three pictures entitled as follows:
Picture 1: a cradle and the words "who is"
Picture 2: a spider and the words "who was"
Picture 3: music notes and the words: "who is to come". 1. The God who Is.
Sing Rock a Bye Baby together.
Note that the song does not say "if" but "when the bough breaks". Life is full of surprises - not all of them good - but God is acting and moving in our world. Ask them to talk to the person next to them about how they see God at work in the world today.
2. The God Who Was.
Ask people to sing Ipsy Whipsy Spider together. Note that the song is very like human kind - we repeat our mistakes as nations, as communities, as families and
as individuals but we keep plugging away. And "out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain". God repeatedly over history heals, restores, loves and forgives us.
3. The God who is to come

Sing the hymn "Joyful, joyful we adore you" to Beethoven's Ode To Joy. Note that because God is yet to come, the way we live makes a difference.

Adult Response
In verse 6 we are all called to be ministers. Ask people:
In order to be a minister, where do you need God the most:
healing your past,
with you in your present,
or being your future?
Fold your strip of paper in three so that the one you need is uppermost and take it home that way.

Prayer: Multi-Sensory Prayer:
There are some useful bits for this Sunday in
in Multi- Sensory Church by Sue Wallace, Scripture Union, 2002, ISBN 1859996671, page 15 (pictured at left).

Listening Song: For the Glory of Your Name
By Michelle Tumes on her album, Heaven
and Earth or on WOW 2000 .

A Now For Something Completely Different: A Short Taize Style service.
Decorate your communion table with pieces of white and gold material and cover it all with heaps of small lit tea lights. For the service have an opening prayer only. Then have about a half an hour of reflective music which suits the Bible readings - I used music from The Prayer Cycle by Jonathan Elias, Immortal Memory by Lisa Gerard and Patrick Cassidy, an untitled album by Doros (pictured at right), and A Feather on the Breath of God by Hildeguaard of Bingen. At the same time I projected Christ the King images - about thirty in all timed for a minute each. I gave each person an envelope filled with the bible readings and relevent quotes - about 20 in all. People could then chose to read some or all of the qutes, watch the pictures, listen to the music, watch the candles or do a mixture of all. I finished the service with a benediction.


DGBradley said...

When you find where you got the idea to use those three songs, let me know. I've got a sermons dated November 23, 2003 that uses those three songs, and I don't have a source listed.

DGBradley said...

OK, I've found the source: Homiletics, November 23, 1997. I'm surprised I didn't footnote the inspiration; I'm usually persnickety about that.

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If you are looking for further information about Eric Liddell we maintain an archive of information about him including the original film of him winning the gold medal in 1924 which you can view online.

You can find out more about Eric Liddell on our web site:

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