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Christmas 2 ABC (January 3): Shining Lights

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Readings: Jeremiah 31:7-14, Psalm 147:12-20, Ephesians 1:3-4, John 1:1-9, 10-18

About the images:

Upper: This one comes from that excellent free site
Lower: This image comes from another excellent free site: I put the text on to the image.

Listening Song: Immanuel
By Michael Card and found on his CD, Joy in the Journey (pictured at left).

Kid's Talk: Reflecting the Light

A great kid's story and associated puzzle and colouring-in pages based on John 1:6-9 can be found

Drama: A Perfect Disgrace

Found in Cloth For the Cradle by the Wild Goose Worship Group, Wild Goose Publications, 1997, ISBN 1901557014, page 100 (pictured at right).

Film Clips: A Christmas Carol - The Musical
This Dickens story (pictured at left) runs parallel to the second half of the gospel reading as follows: John 1:10-11:Rejecting Jesus: Scrooge as he is at the beginning of the film. John 1: 12-13: Accepting Jesus: Scrooge as he is when, in the graveyard, he finally realises what it is all about. John 1: 14-18: Reflecting Jesus: Scrooge at the end of the film when he cannot help but spread good cheer, love and generosity.
I found all three clips at

Story: Not Unless You Take It
This story, based on the John reading, can be found at under section 2B.

Story: Point to the Light
Found in The Youth Bible, Word Publishing, 1991, ISBN 0849909252, page 1058 (pictured at left). This story goes well with the gospel reading.

Adult Response:
Challenge everyone with the Reject, Accept, and Reflect challenges found in John 1:10-18. It is interesting to note that in John's view accepting Jesus without reflecting him in your life is pretty much the same as rejecting him. Give people some space and time to think about this.

Service Outline: Jesus for the Whole World
Based on the Isaiah reading this is found in The All-Age Service Annual Volume 4, published by Scripture Union, 2010, ISBN 9781844275199, page 74 (pictured at right).

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