Sunday, December 08, 2019

Blue Christmas A (for any time in Advent); For those who find Christmas to be a tough time.

Bible Readings: Luke 2:1-7, Luke 6:17-23, Psalm 22:1-11, Matthew 11:28-29, Romans 8:35, 38-39

Blue Christmas's are not lectionary based - here below are a few ideas which vary from those I have put up in previous years B and C.

About the images:

Above left: This is a free microsoft clipart image - it connects well with a particular age and gender for whom blue Christmas services are particularly applicable.
Above Right: Taken by Mrs Julia Walker - please feel free to use it for worship and related activit
ies. Grief and loss are experienced by all ages.
Middle Left:  This is a free Heartlight image: see my links column on the left.
Middle Right: This free image comes from It makes a great background slide. 
Lower Left: This free image, based on the Matthew reading,  comes from Cerrezo Barredo.See my link column at left.

Listening Song : Mary Did You Know
By Kathy Mattea on her album Good N
ews (pictured at left) or on WOW Christmas.

Story: The Christmas
Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.
By Susan Wojciechowski and P. J. Lynch, Walker Books, 1995, ISBN 0744554020 (pictured at right) . This is a breathtakingly beautiful children's book which speaks to all ages about loss, grief and Christmas.

Story: Piccola
By Mala Powers and found in The Lion Christmas Book by Mary Batchelor (ed.), Lion Publishing, 1986, ISBN 0745912206, page 24-25, (pictured at left).

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