Sunday, September 25, 2016

Proper 22 Ordinary 27 C (October 2nd): Mustard Seess, Rekindle the Fire, The Art of Lamenting

Bible Readings: Lamentations 1:1-6, Lamentations 3:19-26, Psalm 137, 2 Timothy 1:1-14, Luke 17:5-10.

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The image comes from the excellent Imagebank site and is therefore free for worship related activities (see my link in the column at left) and the words come from the quote below.
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for worship and related activities.
Lower Left: This free image comes from the Heartlight site - please see my link column to the left.
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Listening Song: Rivers Of Babylon
This song is based on Psalm 137. There are plenty of versions of this song around - Boney M had a very famous one which is still on a number of their albums and Sinead O'Connor has two great versions (London and Dublin) on her Theology double album (pictured at right).

Kid's Story: Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going To Move.
By Judith Voirst, Robin Preiss Glasser and Ray Cruz, Scholastic,1995 (pictured at right). This story can get a conversation going about lament, being taken to a new place etc etc.

Kid's Talk: Don't Be Ashamed
Wear your footy team colours to church and ask the kids what team they barrack for or play the Grand Final winner team song in church (you'll have to get your skates on for this one seeing your service will start less than a day after the the grand final; however you could have both teams theme songs at the ready
) and have a talk about how we are not ashamed to wear our favourite team colours and sing our team song. This connects very well with the Timothy reading for this week.

Dramatic Reading: Psalm 137
Found in Parable Performing by Kristen Etscheid, Hodder and Stoughton, 1985, ISBN 0340336676, page 12 (pictured at left).

Story/Quote: Devout Mothers
Index 1670 from Bible Illustrator for Windows Version 1.0d, Parsons Technology Inc., 1990 or find it at Another similar story can be found at These stories both go well with the Timothy reading.

How did you come by your faith?
Was it a sudden conversion or a gradual dawning?
Where you helped by a member of your family, through a friend or member of a church, or did it come straight from God with no human intervention at all?
Share how you came by your faith with somebody sitting near you?
Is your faith actually yours?
Have you ever claimed your faith ..and how is it at the moment?
Has the flame been fanned as you have travelled through life or is it dying out?

Poem: A Grandmother's Faith
By Marie Livingstone Roy in Imaging the Word Volume 2 by Susan A. Blain Sharon Iverson Glouwens, Catherine O'Callaghan, Grant Spradling (Eds.), United Church Press, 1995, ISBN 0829810331, page 43. (pictured at right). This fits in very well with the Timothy reading

Poem: What Did I Dream?
Found in Resources for Preaching and Worship - Year C compiled by Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild, Westminster John Knox Press, 2003, ISBN 066422508X, page 257 (pictured at left). This goes very well with Psalm 137.

Quote: J.B Phillips
Every time we say "I believe in the Holy Spirit" we mean that we believe there is a living God able and willing to enter human personality and change it.

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